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The best information on petite and petite plus clothing

Sources for Women's Small Size Socks

  • Looking for women's socks in a small size?
  • Do the heels of your socks slip?
  • Do the toes bunch up?

If you're a woman with small feet, you know how hard it can be to find small size socks and other hosiery. That's because many of the so-called "one-size-fits-all" socks on sale today just don't cut it for women with shoe sizes less than 7. If you're one of them, see below for some goods sources of stylish and practical socks that come in size small.

Petite hosiery tip: Since Hanes discontinued their petite pantyhose, we've been unable to find any. The best you can do is look for hosiery that comes in size A rather than AB.

Small Size Socks and Hosiery

On-Line Sales and Offers Remarks
Artisan Socks Fun selection of unusual small size socks in several lengths. Fishnet kneehighs, colorful anklets, and unique tights.
Bridgedale Ski socks, hiking socks, lightweight socks, and eco-friendly socks. Women's small fits shoe sizes 4-7. Available at REI, Zappos, and Socksappeal (see below)
Holabird Sports Large selection of athletic socks, with several brands that come in size small, including Asics, Balega, and Brooks
LiTiNi petiteRESOURCE Exclusive Offer! Save 40% on your entire purchase when you use coupon code RESOURCE40 at checkout. Women's petite athletic and casual socks made for small feet. Fits women with shoe sizes 4-7
Sock Broker Men's small size socks. Leeds and their own brand.

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