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What is RSS?

The Internet grows exponentially on a daily basis. How can you keep track of so many sources of information? RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is the answer.

RSS feeds are streams of data that offer a list of articles on a site or section of a site and update whenever new, relevant information appears online. Through the use of a news reader or Live Bookmark that processes RSS feeds, you can view headlines and article excerpts from multiple sources, all in one place. A few popular news readers are Bloglines, FeedDemon, Google Reader, Pluck or, for Mozilla Firefox users, the Sage RSS reader. Live Bookmarks are a feature of the Firefox and Safari browsers and function much the same as RSS readers.

Once you've chosen your program, follow its instructions for adding our a feed. You can also subscribe to petiteRESOURCE's RSS feeds through personalized news sites, like My AOL, My Yahoo!, My MSN. If you have a personal website, you can use these feeds to add petiteRESOURCE.com information to your pages.

Look for the orange RSS icon rss icon  in your browser's status bar.