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The best information on petite and petite plus clothing

Custom Made Jeans and Pants

Can't find jeans or pants that fit your petite body type? Have them custom made for less than you think. You can even duplicate your favorite jeans!

Some petite women find that their particular body type is hard to fit, even in petite sizes. With today's on-line sites, you can have your jeans made to measure and choose exactly the fabric, rise, and style you want. Do you want rear pockets that enhance your butt? A straight leg style that elongates your legs? A favorite wash or other fabric treatment? No problem. And if you don't trust your measuring ability, just find your favorite pair of pants or jeans and have them duplicated.

Custom Jeans Site Comments
IC3D Interactive Custom Clothes Complany $80-125,using 11 measurements and 10 specifications or send them your favorite jeans and they will copy them. Other custom pants also available.
Make Your Own Jeans From $49. Uses 8 measurements and a large selection of styles. Or mail them your favorite jeans to copy. Other custom pants, shorts, and shirts also available.
Thimbler $119. Uses 5 measurements plus three questions about your hip, seat, and tummy shape. Choice of four styles and four fabrics. Free shipping

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