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The best information on petite and petite plus clothing


What is Petite Clothing?
Should You Wear a Petite Size?

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about petite and petite plus clothes



What is petite clothing?
Petite clothing is designed for women under 5'4" (162.56 cm). It is about height, not about weight. Petite clothing can come in sizes from 00P to 14P, 16P, or sometimes 18P.
What is petite plus clothing?
Petite plus clothing is also designed for women under 5'4". Sometimes called "women's petite clothing," it is the equivalent of plus size clothing for petites. Most petite plus clothing comes in sizes from 16WP or 18WP to 24WP or 26WP. But some sources carry sizes up to 32WP and a few up to 44WP.
What is the difference between petites and regular sizes?
Regular sized women's clothing is designed for a woman roughly 5'5" tall and will not fit properly on someone who is significantly shorter. Petite clothes have shorter sleeve, length, and torso measurements. Some petites also have narrower shoulders. In addition, the best petite clothing will be more than just scaled down versions of misses styles. Well-designed petite clothing uses styles specifically chosen to flatter the petite figure. For example, a designer can give petites a longer, slimmer look using such features as vertical stripes, scaled down prints, smaller buttons and trims, and monochromatic color schemes.
Am I a petite size?
Forty percent of women in the United States are under 5'4". If you're one of them, you may well look better in a petite size. Petite sizes are targeted to fit women between about 4'11 and 5'3". To find your size in petites, check your measurements against the size chart below.
Typical Petite Sizes
(Can vary slightly between brands)
Size Bust Waist Hips
XXS 0P 31 23 33
XS 2P 32 24 34
4P 33 25 35
S 6P 34 26 36
8P 35 27 37
M 10P 36 28 38
12P 37 1/2 29 1/2 39 1/2
L 14P 39 31 41
16P 40 32 1/2 42 1/2
XL 18P 42 1/2 34 1/2 44 1/2
20P 44 1/2 36 1/2 46 1/2
Typical Petite Plus Sizes
(Can vary slightly between brands)
Size Bust Waist Hips
1x 14WP 41 32 1/2 43
16WP 43 34 1/2 45
2x 18WP 45 36 1/2 47
20WP 47 38 1/2 49
3X 22WP 49 40 1/2 51
24WP 51 42 1/2 53
4X 26WP 53 44 1/2 55
28WP 55 46 1/2 57
5X 30WP 57 48 1/2 59
32WP 59 50 1/2 61


What is Petite Clothing?